Prevention Awareness Day 2017

On February 15th, prevention advocates from across the state attended Prevention Day at the State House to share how Prevention Works in our communities. Substance abuse prevention advocates caught the ears of lawmakers to discuss marijuana policy, prevention funding and alcohol taxes.

Research over the last two decades has proven that drug and alcohol addiction is preventable.  Twenty-four coalitions in Vermont work with thousands of volunteers, from a great variety of constituencies, to implement prevention strategies to decrease substance abuse in their communities.

The annual event was organized by Prevention Works! VT, a network of VT coalitions that work to decrease the prevalence of tobacco use, drug use, underage drinking and high-risk drinking in Vermont, especially among youth and young adults.

“We know that preventing drug use before it begins is the most cost-effective approach to reduce drug use,” said Lori Augustyniak, Coordinator, PreventionWorks!VT, who welcomed advocates to the State House.  “By bringing together schools, businesses, law enforcement, parent groups, and other members of the community, community coalitions are helping to protect youth from the devastating consequences of prescription drug abuse and other substance use disorders.”

The day’s events also included recognizing Vermonters for their outstanding contributions to preventing the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  This year the organization presented awards to seven Vermont PREVENTION CHAMPIONS.