Prevention Works!VT is a network of coalitions and community efforts across VT that work to decrease the prevalence of tobacco use, drug use, underage drinking and high-risk drinking in Vermont, especially among youth and young adults .

The PW!VT vision is that all communities in Vermont are healthy, safe and thriving.  Our mission is to create and lead advocates to work collaboratively on policy, practice and attitudes that promote prevention, health and wellness with one voice.

What Prevention Works! VT does
We serve as:

  • A voice for the coalitions in state hosted conversations;
  • A resource expert for coalitions, individuals, and state agencies;
  • A liaison between state agencies and coalitions;
  • Representatives on statewide planning meetings and committees; and
  • Technical advisors or trainers to coalitions and their members. 

We coordinate statewide efforts to:

  • Promote prevention health and wellness to policymakers and communities;
  • Build local and statewide capacity for prevention advocacy;
  • Establish sustainable funding for prevention, health and wellness; and
  • Mobilize advocates to take action to support policies and practices that promote prevention, health and wellness.

PW!VT works to assess and strengthen the infrastructure for substance abuse prevention in Vermont by:

  • Advocating for the need for and benefit of consistent funding for substance abuse prevention;
  • Supporting a climate where Vermont communities are empowered to address substance abuse issues;
  • Demonstrating that substance abuse prevention should be a state-wide public health priority;
  • Providing a network for members to identify and take action on common issues;
  • Sharing current research, best practices, publications and resources; and 
  • Identifying state and federal resources to sustain prevention efforts in Vermont.

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PW!VT partners help shape how substance abuse prevention is valued in our state. 

By partnering with PW!VT you lend your commitment, your knowledge and your action to strengthen the  prevention and public health community in Vermont and to create lasting change.