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     The mission of Prevention Works! VT is to build a unified statewide voice for substance abuse prevention.  PW!VT members are a diverse group of community coalition leaders and members, prevention specialists, service providers, and individuals with an interest in and a commitment to substance abuse prevention.

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     Prevention Champions

    In 2013, Prevention Works! VT initiated the Prevention Champion awards to highlight the extraordinary professionals and volunteers who contribute to the success of Vermont’s prevention coalitions.

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    Vermont community coalitions work with concerned citizens from all walks of life who care about reducing alcohol and other drug misuse in their community.

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    Youth drug and alcohol use in Vermont
    Community Coalitions

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    There are many ways to get involved with prevention efforts in Vermont. Type new content. 

    Communities can integrate prevention into the fabric of daily life by providing engaging opportunities for young people and ongoing education efforts that reach families, educators, and professionals. 

    » Find coalitions and other opportunities to get involved in your local community. 

    » Sign up for updates to stay up to date with prevention education, activities and news. 

    » Join Us and become an active member of the prevention community. 

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    Don't wait for a crisis to ask for help. Everybody needs help sometimes. Help comes from friends, family, people nearby and even from yourself.



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